supporting victims

By empowering them to enjoy life

We will make spaces at our sessions available to care homes, hospices, assisted living centres and social care providers within travelling distance of us.


Our facility is central in Wrexham, for accessibility for the broadest range of care providers from Mid and North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and the Wirral.


We will plan our schedule to serve people relevant to their age, conditions, and needs, and with families invited to create the most uplifting experiences imaginable.


We will collaborate with social enterprises that provide transportation for charitable purposes. This transport dramatically expands the number of people homes and hospices can bring to us; This allows us to get the isolated and families to our events who would be otherwise unable to do so.

We constantly endeavour to leave no one out of our Covid conquering events. A weekly evening will be dedicated in our core area to go to places where there are people who can't come to us, in care and the community.

Active Senior Man

Our activity leaders will take the sessions to people in attendance, proactively promoting engagement and interaction. Hence, they will encourage participation in a series of stimulating exercises that target our groups common physical, emotional and mental health needs.


We cover the spectrum of the most often diagnosed conditions and disorders requiring admission into care and care in the community. Our activities have the advantage of our teams and every staff member's full support. We generate a fantastic atmosphere that dramatically enhances experiences and benefits.


Our ambition is for the people we are blessed to be able to help, to return home, having spent time with family and in their absolute peak state of mind, body and soul—giving primary carers rest, making it easier to care for them when they go back and contributing towards the best possible prognostic outcomes for them.