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Shining light in the darkest corners

We are burning with the desire to ignite flames radiating like wildfires across the UK, bringing warmth and light to the lonely hearts of the hardest to reach in the darkest and coldest corners of the UK. As things begin to get back to normal, our wish is to eliminate the travesty of any person being left to feel and suffer alone for a moment longer than they have to.

We are forging ahead to generate applause in all places by making thousands of hours of performances available per annum to the NHS, local authority and charitable places of care, and charitable organisations advocating and working on furthering NHS-related causes.

Many people would benefit from our services but cannot come to us, and the whole purpose of our organisation is to eliminate isolation. We take our shows on the road to bring our entertainment and activities into the homes, hospices, and communities of North Wales.

We actively recruit a nationwide network of live sparks outside of this core area of operations, who are willing to donate a set number of hours every week to be coordinated in care homes and hospices following our best practices, serving lunches with song dance numbers.

Our database will book into homes, hospices, and other service users across England and Wales, highly accomplished local performers; Talent capable of purely entertaining or entertaining and applying our therapeutic methods to take the benefits to another level.


Our universal priority remains at all times, exploring every avenue of making the shielded feel surrounded by love and whole again. Our emphasis is placed on creating opportunities for the cared for and their carers to experience the bliss of simply being together.

We aim to become the UK's leading resource for care homes, hospices, social care providers, and other charities organising fundraisers to turn for talented entertainers. Proven acts they can depend on to amuse and move people while giving them tried and trusted therapeutic benefits. 


These services are provided along with consultancy, rooted in our experiences, to make others' events successful. We give our expertise to events arranged to raise funds for the NHS, care homes, hospices and help reach targets for internal facilities and external procedures.


We are utterly committed to supporting any demonstrably good charitable venture benefiting the NHS or those unwell and alone or otherwise in need. There are never any strings attached other than on the instruments we play for those in need of the food of love that is music.

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