Something To Really Bang On About

The live music scene plays a vital role in our prosperity, emotional and mental wellbeing, and as such, it is pivotal in forging community unity and uplifting social welfare. Our efforts are focused on these areas due to their importance in restoring our nation and it's people, rapidly to their state of being before the pandemic.

Almost to a person, we are all living for that magic moment when we are again allowed to venture into the outside world and immerse ourselves in the pleasures of a night on the town. The days when we shared in being a part of a larger community and human experience greater than any one individual on their own.

It is almost a dim and distant memory after months of social distancing; At times it can be hard to believe the day is ever closer when we can again let our hair down and enjoy ourselves with friends, but with the vaccine rollout making incredible progress, that is the expectation Wales looks forward to this summer.

As this momentous occasion looms ever larger, we ask that you consider the performers' plight and the plethora of people behind-the-scenes in the live music industry struggling to survive. They have some of the longest and hardest roads to recover and an essential role in bringing happiness back to our lives.

We are conscious of these facts and dedicated to doing all in our power for musicians and live music. Together we can help live music be restored, ensuring that this comes back from the cliff edge, to go forwards, giving great memories to replace peoples bad ones of being locked inside when the good times roll.

Support is as simple as sharing events and attending them. Whether you attend our gigs or others, you will help live music venues thrive, protect the jobs of people who devote their lives to entertaining others, boost the national economy and give everyone a variety of options to go out and enjoy themselves.

For our part, we have plans involving inspiring children to participate in learning instruments and live performances, creating a suite of turnkey services to help aspiring youth musicians realise the potential, and providing a platform for up and coming performers to showcase themselves to a wider audience and hone their skills.

We will further be striving to give opportunities to the widest range of instrumentalists, solo singers, duos and bands to appear live on stage at HEART ROCK LIVE to benefit from their receipt of performance fees and the strength of our physical and social media exposure to promote and secure them new bookings on the circuit.