Beats To Beat The Covid Recession

In addition to our primary mission of helping frontline health heroes and care home residents to get over being under lockdown, the team at GO LIVE have another extremely important objective at the forefront of our plans.

Heart Rock Live is being launched with a view to the repurposing of Wrexham in response to evolving long-term trends for why people will visit the town centre and how they use this when they are present here.

We are determined to take every measure that we can to ensure Wrexham remains an appealing place to live and work, attracting inward business investment and offering a bright and sustainable future to our children.

​We plan to contribute to reversing the decline in Wrexham's footfall, which has accelerated since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This has shifted the balance of power in retail further towards online over conventional stores.

Our intention is to play our part in reinventing town with our innovative social enterprise model, with a schedule of events that will attract significant visitors from within and outside the area and connect them to the high street.

We are on the vibrant, cutting edge of the mixed-use, multi-purpose vision council and business leaders have for the town, targeting synergy towards local needs for live entertainment and improved experiences.

A key incentive for potential patrons is that we are driven by an exclusively not-for-profit motivate. Our priority is to bring our community together to honour and support the Welsh health services and those they care for.

In doing so, we hope we can set an example to other third sector businesses of proactively working within Wrexham county communities to protect and enhance resident welfare and commercial fortunes symbiotically.

We aim to compensate for the pandemic's detrimental impact and the dependency of town on particular sectors, attracting customers to use existing services and retailers and deliver a stronger commercial proposition.

To help the service and retail businesses whose fortunes are bound to visitors to keep trading and advance the region's economic future holistically, we encourage you to shop locally as non-essential stores reopen.

With the hospitality sector soon to follow, we can make a different to our local economy, safeguarding jobs and prospects, when we act as a community today in the best interests of our communities outlook tomorrow.