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Great food, drink and music with best friends

Wales' key workers incorporate thousands who live with people of 70 years and over with their increased exposure risk, 15% of key workers directly are at risk from exposure to Covid-19 themselves, and many others have been debilitated by long covid with the infection starting in the workplace.

4 of 11 occupations with the most risk of coronavirus exposure are classified as key workers. Key workers do three of the jobs with the highest Covid-19 death rates, and the pay packets of tens of thousands of key workers are less than what is calculated as required to meet their basic needs.

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Rock your own heart

We are deeply concerned with bolstering and improving the state of mind and emotional welfare for as many of wales' health and key workers as possible. In our opinion, the best way to do that is by giving them something back for what they've given of themselves to keep us protected, well and running.

This dreadful pandemic has caused unprecedented illness and disruption. Many of us have been able to furlough and stay safe, as they have taken the risk of going out to keep us going, and we could not have kept going without them. We now look to them as they take on the historical vaccination programme.

By rocking their hearts

Please join us at Heart Rock, where you can, if you so wish, mingle with key workers and thank them for their sacrifices and service in person. Albeit, you can do that simply by sampling and savouring our menu of food and drinks, as every sip and morsel you consume supports our health and key workers.

That means you'll be helping those on low-income stretch pay further and keep doors open to a place they all can call their own to get away from the hustle and bustle. We further hope that interaction between the public and key workers will strengthen support for their issues and reinforce our communities' bonds.

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With your patronage and supermarket support, we will offer health and key workers food and drink in our cafe in return for no more than a voluntary donation. We like to think that every little helps, and this offer will be available to every health and key worker who meets our eligibility criteria. Please follow us on social media for news on our launch dates and updates on our progress.