go 4 inspiring youth

To be the next generation of music stars

GO LIVE leads young people in music recreation to build their confidence and contribute to their inspiration and formative development, guiding a future generation of performing talent into more advanced studies and performance opportunities.

Young Guitarist


GO ROCK is a new club for budding rock stars of 6-11 and 12-18 years old to be taught by professional musicians in groups of singers, guitarists, bassists, and drummers, a new rock song every week, then jam, rehearse and gig their sets in bands. 


GO MIX offers tutored sessions for aspiring DJ's of 13-18 years old to be taught by pro masters of DJ'ing, how to crank it up, bang out the tunes and get the party rocking. Then it gives them the chance to apply the skills they've learned in front of real ravers.


GO PLAY is the stage we give to the best of Wales young artists to make their mark. We will then poll our followers, and the best of the best will be invited back for our annual Battle Of The Bands taking place during The BESTOFALL Festival.