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For Simply The Best

GO LIVE welcomes the general public to join us in Llangollen in the summer of 2022 for our Best Of All Festival. We pay glowing tribute to the rainbow of colours in the Hindu festival of colours as a parallel to the rainbow of colours that defines the rainbow coalition of our frontline health heroes of England & Wales. A celebration of our care for them for their care for us.

Festival of Color

We plan a spectacularly beautiful event inspired by the Hindu Festival of Colours, having been moved by the profound symbolism of this mirroring our celebrating the triumph of good over the evil of a pandemic.

We will reflect on and celebrate the incredible work done by our Frontline Health Heroes, with respect for the 10.7% of frontline workers of Asian descent and the one in five people of ethnic origin on the NHS workforce.

The universal theme of Holi transcends the differences between us and unites all peoples as sharing the same fundamental human experience and dream of peace, love and harmony. As such, it represents a perfect umbrella.

In keeping with this, the event will be free of admission for the National Health Service's amazing people. NHS workers will be invited to attend from every part of Britain and be made to feel the event's star attractions.


These ordinary people, who are the real superstars, will enjoy live music, open-air cinema, artisan markets, street food, roving performers and children's amusements, to name but a few of the many memorable attractions.

Concurrent with their pleasure, we will provide a platform for NHS charities from across Britain to raise awareness and funds for the NHS's issues, as this most essential of all services recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic.

We believe the NHS is the most outstanding health service globally, and we are enormously fortunate to have this be available to all, with its most significant strength, the great people who keep it running.

We congratulate them. The often-overlooked vital role people of multi-cultural origin have played in the NHS's functioning over the decades and their services to the nation throughout the virus and vaccinations amazes us.

Color Festival