be a have a go hero

And support our frontline heroes and patients

We present WREXIT STAGE LEFT open events to give you your moment in the footlights with the support of our professional sound and lighting equipment and technicians and musicians. Our team know exactly how to make you feel the part of a soul diva or rock monster, sound like an angel, shine like a star and bring the house down with uproarious applause.

open your


We give emerging singers a golden opportunity to gain valuable experience by practising with a live audience and move us with their heart song, with the chance of winning a session in our studios and being booked by us.



On the same nights, we invite burgeoning acoustic signer-songwriters and cover artists, strummers and finger pickers alike, to pull on our heartstrings, sharing in the delights of music expression and making a difference.



We bring the fun for everyone to enjoy when our CAREOKE MACHINE is in town and give everyone three minutes of fame as they take turns leading the sing-a-long, with the aim being to raise the roof in the most joyous chorus.



With improvisation at our fingertips, our goal is to create the biggest and loudest band in all of North Wales, with full access to our pro music grade gear and all levels of ability side-by-side creating a sound to melt the hardest heart.

All participation and admission fees go into our care chest to help heroes, homes, and hospices thrive.