the live sparks

Sparking life back from the embers of despair

Our performers and therapists are motivated by the desire to let the good times start rolling, leaving Covid-19 in our wake by turning the frowns of those in care and hospices upside down and making them into smiles as broad as the sunshine they bring. Striving to help the lonely and separated make the fastest and strongest recoveries from being socially detached.

"in the soul of every human, there is a spark that is brought into life by the spark of people and things we love. The essence of kindness and caring is for one person to recognise the need to bring these sparks into contact, igniting the flames of happiness that warms their hearts."


Music and movement are at the heart of the human experience, with sound and motion directly connected to emotion. When we harness these, we give people substantial emotional, cognitive and physical benefits and happiness that endures the hardest times of their lives.

We plan to give both the residents of homes and hospices the advantages these offer to reduce stress, improve mood, increase strength and mobility, and enhance alertness, recollection and communication. Countering the harmful effects of having spent a year shielded or in isolation.

Live Sparks work through non-directive groups. Focus is on having fun activating the link between body and mind, changing one to impact the other positively, and enhancing health and well-being. We provide valuable outlets for people at all stages of life and ill health.

We work with people sharing similar needs and in the same age groups to provide the best experiences. The greatest gift we give to people is human contact. In our opinion, no other form of therapy is more helpful; At every available opportunity, we promote family involvement.

Our interactive sessions will engage our participants and encourage them to explore and express themselves when most potent. By bringing the sparks of music, dance and love together at once, we connect with people on the deepest and most poignant therapeutic levels.

Senior Woman Dancing