when the going gets tough

The Tough Go Live

We need the help of electricians, plumbers, carpenters and labourers to make our vision of a centre to help frontline workers and the weakest under NHS care get over being under lockdown into a reality. When you answer our call, your generosity will contribute to this work, and we will reward you with exclusive benefits.

A Labour Of Love

Our labour of love is to be tough on fatigue in the NHS and solitude in care and tough on the causes of fatigue in the NHS and solitude in care. We ask you to help us lay the foundations for us to bolster those on shaky ground in the NHS and care.


Your support of our achieving goals, which means so much to us, makes your business aims essential. You will receive pride of place on our wall of fame inside our centre and sponsorship on our site and social media, with our powerful Google ad words budget behind these. This advertising will give you exposure with goodwill reaching thousands.

You will further receive free admission to our gigs and a 50% discount on food and drinks for one year, and a three-course meal with drinks for a group of four—all on the house that we couldn't have built without your most generous labour of love.

We aim to give relief to the frontline and critical support workers and recovery to the vulnerable under NHS care. We invite you to become part of a caring team to make our plans possible to help the people working on and for the wards and those in poor health who depend on them.


Joining with us is taking applause on doorsteps to another level by strengthening the NHS and responding to shielded people's problems. Offering them much more than a gesture of gratitude or sympathy by making a practical difference to the lives of those who have suffered most.


You can help prepare us to be ready to meet the needs of those in the NHS and care with the urgency their deteriorating mental, emotional and physical conditions demand. With your assistance, we can be up and running as soon as guidelines allow us to receive our guests.

This is a job with the satisfaction of being well done, like no other. Any labour you donate to us will bring us one step closer to converting the premises we've secured into Heart Rock Live; The only place in Wales to entertain the NHS family for free and reunite the shielded with family.

Ply your trade With heart

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