when the going gets tough 

The tough Go Live

Our mission is of true importance. The NHS, homes and hospices are under attack from Coronavirus. This has halted fundraising and will dominate resources and agendas for many years to come. Meaning that recreation and leisure budgets have never been under a greater threat, at a time when these have never mattered more to more people.  

Prism on Hand

To give our premises' an appealing and relaxing interior, we seek donations of decorating or building materials, lighting fixtures, decorative items, paint, wall coverings and furniture for a signature pink and blue theme, along with accents of rock 'n roll memorabilia.

Having created a pleasing and therapeutic environment for NHS workers and care residents, we need a PA system, a DMX lighting console, fixtures and truss, a drum kit, bass and guitar amp heads and stacks, and a portable stage, to facilitate live performances for their benefit.

We welcome individual donations to purchase any items not donated and monthly donations to support our Live Sparks' ongoing costs, such as admin, fees, mileage, meals and rooms for performers and therapists travelling into the homes and hospices of England and Wales.

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Business Supporters

Your help is essential to make it possible for us to be tough on fatigue in the NHS and loneliness in care, and tough on the causes of fatigue in the NHS and loneliness in care. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but we take it further.


Your support of our achieving goals, which means so much to us, makes your business aims important. You will receive pride of place on our wall of fame inside the entrance to our venue and sponsorship on our site and social media, with our substantial Google ad words budget behind these. This will give you exposure with goodwill to thousands of people.

You will further receive free admission to our gigs and a 50% discount on food and drinks for one year, and a three-course meal with drinks for a group of four—all on the house that we couldn't have built without your most generously given donations.