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To drive us into more lives sooner

We realise that not everyone who wants to help us will be physically able or have the means to do so. We sincerely appreciate any time you can devote to spread the word about our work supporting heroes, homes, and hospices with getting through and over the pandemic.


You can help us simply by sharing our content or pictures and videos from our events with your friends on social media, asking them to do the same with their own friends. Together we can spread a viral chain reaction to get the upper hand over the harm done by coronavirus.

Put heart in your feed

Social media promotion will help us gain organic traction and build momentum that creates a positive synergies cycle. Publicity will translate into increasing awareness of our causes and, in turn, attracting more donors and volunteers to our charity. Good for us on many levels.

What is good for us is good for our beneficiaries. The less money we have to spend on media, the more money we will have to help people who may not be from other sources. So, any promotion you generously give to us will be good for frontline and critical workers, home and hospice residents.

And get the word out

Your support will make a real difference by generating outreach and goodwill, empowering us to secure more resources to direct to helping others. We will employ those resources to benefit an increasing number of health and key workers, care, and home shielded individuals.

Please follow the links beneath on your preferred platform to the GO LIVE page, browse through. When you find a post we've created that resonates with you, it means a lot to us to share this to help make our events atmospheric and our good cause activities evermore successful.

Please help us promote our fundraising live events at Heart Rock Live in Wrexham. These are free admission for the NHS workforce. 100% of ticket sales and proceeds are utilised to provide therapeutic entertainment and activities for home shielded and isolated people in care homes and hospices and free events, activities and experiences to rally our NHS frontline heroes and critical support workers.