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To create your own music success story

Four equally important and interconnected ambitions run through our In The Loop programmes. The first is to inspire a future generation of musicians; the second is to support aspiring musicians realising their potential; the third is to strengthen community bonds, raising public spirits with music; and last but not least, we channel proceeds from these to benefit NHS workers and shielded people.


We’re driven by a firm belief in music's power to make the community we live in a better one. We coordinate various music, leisure and recreation activities and live events for children and adults to benefit from.

Our projects make a real difference for the better in our lives. We work towards the brightest future for all of the region's inhabitants. We love to meet others who feel the same for you to play a part in our work.

We have opportunities for the public to participate in our initiatives and support our causes. That means you can play an essential part in events to promote an eclectic selection of artists that appeal to a wide variety of fans.


Or you can take an active role in bringing our community together. We transcend differences between people by uniting them in the shared love of listening to music, where strength is in numbers and diversity.

You can also help us engage with youngsters to inspire them with music, support aspiring artists achieve their potential as live performers, participate in musical, social groups for pleasure, and always raising crucial funds.


And at any stage and on any level, you join our merry band; you will be able to play a vital part in our ensemble, powering us towards making lives better for our NHS workers and giving the isolated reasons to feel good again.

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