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Raising the roof with chords for wards

Heart Rock Live, social distancing guidelines permitting, is launching in Wrexham this July. Heart Rock Live represents the rarest and most precious opportunity, where members of the general public can give to good causes and live to the fullest simultaneously.

However, don't labour under any illusion. These are not your ordinary fundraisers. As we depend on these events' revenue to continue our work, we settle for no less than extraordinary. Assuring you of no less than the biggest, boldest and best night to be had on the town.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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We harness live music's extraordinary power to raise funds and awareness for our issues. Our goals are to improve essential workers' and care home and hospice conditions. 100% of the funds generated by these events are invested in improving essential workers' and NHS service users' quality of living.

Every penny made makes a difference for the better of our most crucial workers and lonely and vulnerable people. We describe ourselves as putting the "fun" into fundraising, but behind the entertainment is an earnest business indeed. Our purpose is to make others' lives, devastated by Covid, simply better.

To say thank you

You can stay in and watch TV, go out for a night on the town and make money for a club owner, or spend your good times budget with us, making a difference close to home and close to hearts.

We offer fantastic live experiences for a fraction of the price of mainstream tickets, and 100% of proceeds are invested into caring for key workers, care homes and hospices, so its more than a ticket.

Every unsold ticket is a missed chance to improve the seriously ill's quality of life and their carers. It's an opportunity not to be missed to join together loud and proud to say thank you, NHS.

Helping us to help others is as simple as being there with us to be for them. Every place is the best place in the house when you're having the time of your life at Heart Rock's party with a purpose.

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We will be Taking It To The Wrextreme to entertain you from the first moment we are allowed. We urge you to spend a night out on the town and let us rock your heart by giving you The Heart Rock Wrexperience. Please follow us on social media for news and updates on our exciting plans. We intend to hit the ground hard running, and if you love the nightlife, you will not want to miss our debut.