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To put our strongest foot forward

We have a steely focus on the best interests of frontline workers and people living with severe and life-limiting illnesses, mental and physical disabilities, and degenerative conditions. We are driven to make ever more of them feel the love and happiness they've been longing for.

As vaccinations halt covid in its path, we support their recoveries from its extensive damage. We fundraise for family reunions, leisure and recreation to ensure these are available to improve our beneficiaries moods. We do so with a sense of urgency, demand by harm made worse by time.

Happy Family

We value their smiles

Across England and Wales, coronavirus has trapped frail and infirm people inside bubbles of isolation. Simultaneously, our health and critical workers have endured oppressive working conditions and endangered themselves. All are suffering from the pandemic.

We are committed to reaching out to as many Covid impacted people as possible as soon as we can. We bring lonely, shielded people the family they've been separated from. We give leisure and recreation to our hard-pressed frontline heroes. We give them reasons to feel good.

as being utterly priceless

Our continued success in achieving these aims is possible thanks to people just like you. No matter how great or small, we will touch more lives with your generous contribution. We feel their smiles have been few and far between for too long, and we hope you feel the same way.

Please give safely the knowledge that our beneficiaries will be bolstered by knowing they are not alone. When they have fantastic experiences with us, they will be aware that the society they live and work in cares about them as donations from the public made these experiences happen.

Happy Family

Please help us make sure as few people as possible in Wales miss out on living life as this begins to return to normal.  People on the frontline and in care have had the most distressing and prolonged year. Join us to support those most in need with the joy of special occasions. We will give them the best chance to experience all of the joys of lives lived to the fullest as these can be.