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Our mission is to provide entertainment and activities for hospitals, homes, hospices, and entertainment and family fun for health workers, with fundraisers and donors financing these. We further plan to inspire next-generation musicians and support aspiring musicians in their aims.


We utilise and need a wide range of equipment. We welcome donations of any items that we can use to raise funds to bring happiness to the vulnerable and people who need us. If you have instruments, microphones, amplifiers, mixers, lighting, or staging we can reclaim, we ask for them.

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Sweet music to our ears

Any musical or production gear we can procure without buying will increase our facilities' capacity to provide our services. It will further increase our capability to expedite and expand the rollout of our help and support to those shielded alone, isolated in homes and hospices, and NHS workers.

Should you have any musical or production gear that is surplus to your requirements, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are happy to arrange for collecting this from you at a convenient time and at our organisation's sole expense. We will give you named credit for the donation you will have made to us through our social media channels.

Is sweet music to theirs

In our hands, this gear will be improving the mental and emotional well-being of people receiving long-term treatment and care, helping our health heroes keep up their great work, supporting the future of live music in Wales, and raising funds needed to continue all of this work. Work that will increase exponentially as social distancing is phased out.

Please help us offer the best experience we can to cultivate a reputation for excellence. Standards that reflect positively on live music and bring people back, having recommended our gigs and facilities to others. We must meet the growing demand for our services so that we never have to refuse help to those in need of benefitting from them.

Please contact us about any equipment that you would be willing to consider donating.

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