go 4 key workers

Theirs no "i" in their team

Throughout the pandemic crisis, each of Wales' key workers has pulled together like never before. Their unbreakable spirit is exemplified by their history-making roll out of the vaccines across Wales in record-breaking time. We owe a massive debt of gratitude to those who are acutely aware that the needs of many outweigh the needs of the one.

"Over the last year, many workers have worked huge amounts of unpaid overtime to keep the country going and keep businesses and public services afloat."

Frances O'Grady
TUC General Secretary



“This is an opportunity to give thanks and thoughts for all those who’ve lost their lives, recognising the wonders of the health service, social care sector and other public services."

Dave Prentis

UNISON General Secretary

Our key workers' unselfishness, can-do attitude and teamwork are inspirational examples of public spirit. We want to show our appreciation for the services of these people who have worked thousands of unpaid hours, and on average, are paid less than comparable workforces.

We pay tribute to social carers placing themselves in danger every day, caring for the most vulnerable people in our society. We also mention those who live with a high exposure risk person or are at risk of exposing themselves or have long Covid from their workplaces.

We realise that by the time they've worked long hours under pressure for most key workers, there can often be scarce time, energy, or money left for them to enjoy living their lives. For these reasons, we will be launching our innovative Heart Rock Cafe in Wrexham, North Wales.

This will allow all key workers to relax and unwind from work stresses. They will be given the best hospitality and experience we can offer them, be first to learn about discounts on tickets, able to take advantage of exclusive deals for food and drinks, and offers from our partners.

It is regrettable; there will be cases where supporting key workers is more difficult due to the magnitude of their challenges confronted by them. We will guide those needing deeper help to appropriate external services to address mental and emotional issues.

As key workers advocates, we firmly believe they have earned more than profuse thanks. They deserve our unwavering support. Having brought us to near the end of this catastrophe, we stand for them to have work conditions and wages reflecting their true value.

Man Wearing Protective Mask