go 4 covid HEROES

We are a place for them to turn

We make frontline health, critical support workers and social carers feel connected to society, valued and cared about. We help relieve their pressure, empowering them to enjoy their personal lives and do their best work. We achieve this by asking them what the public can do to benefit them outside of work and, with your support, making it so.

"The welfare and well-being of the workforce, as well as the wider population, in the face of this pandemic is critical at this testing time."

Vaughan Gething

Welsh Minister For Health And Social Services


"They are first in line to go above and beyond to deal with this pandemic. Every day they tell us they have nothing left to give and they feel devalued."

Nicky Hughes

Royal College Of Nursing Associate Director


The NHS has united and risen to the challenge of Covid-19, showing true colours that glow as brilliantly as their rainbow, through their darkest hours—consummate professionals who have helped one worried person after another as conditions have gone from bad to worse.


However, thanks on their own are inadequate. They are given meaning by recognising working in the NHS is not merely a job. More often than not, this is a life choice made of compassion by people who care for others, often to the detriment of their well-being.


Our NHS frontline and health support workers tell us they need opportunities to escape from the harsh existences they live through with Covid-19 every day. There is no better way to give them that gift than in their knowledge; they do so thanks to the society they serve.


That is why we have conceived Heart Rock Live; Exciting live entertainment, engaging activities, and compelling experiences bringing sorely needed smiles to the frontline, making them feel better about life and work; because their communities thought of them.

We will plan these with respect for their intense and varied working rota's and free of charge to them and their families. With many relating their struggles to make ends meet, food and drinks will follow these services, with Heart Rock Cafe giving 50% discounts.


We aim to give them a little extra energy to take back work and money to bring home. We know that small amounts make a crucial difference when a person runs ragged, rushing from pillar to post and pushed close to breaking point every day, as is life on the frontline.


The chance to enjoy time with family and friends and recharge their batteries is invaluable in the face of the pressures they are under. As they combat the worst health emergency in Wales' history, we try to have concern them, approaching their level for us.