between a heart rock

And A Hard Place There Is You

Heavy burdens have drained the mental and energy reserves of frontline and critical workers. Few people viewing this will not experience the pain of being separated from a loved one, with no impact greater than on the health of those in care. The power is in your hands to help us rock their hearts with love and bring them back to life.

Music To Our Ears

We support the NHS's irresistible force in fighting the battle against the immovable object of Covid-19. We ask you to donate the equipment we need to help shift the balance of power in their favour with music's restorative power. We thank individual and business donors from the bottom of our hearts and offer both exclusive benefits.

The support of business donors means so much to us and makes your business aims important. You will receive pride of place on our wall of fame inside our centre and sponsorship on our site and social media, with our substantial Google ad words budget behind these. This will give you exposure with goodwill to thousands of people.

Private and business donors will receive free admission to our gigs and a 50% discount on food and drinks for one year, and a three-course meal with drinks—all on the house that we couldn't have built without your most generously given donations.

Image by Elias Maurer

We ask you to listen to your heart to take applause from doorsteps and put this before performers raising funds for the NHS and homes, entertaining NHS workers and their families to boost their morale, and bringing families together with a song to boost health in care.


You can help prepare us to be ready to meet the needs of those in the NHS and care with the urgency their deteriorating mental, emotional and physical conditions demand. With your assistance, we can be up and running as soon as guidelines allow us to receive our guests.

This is a job with the satisfaction of being well done, like no other. Any labour you donate to us will bring us one step closer to converting the premises we've secured into Heart Rock Live; The only place in Wales to entertain the NHS family for free and reunite the shielded with family.

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