bringing miles of smiles to the staff and patients of the NHS

a long hard journey is ahead with many challenges that will persist after the people of the NHS have driven us through the difficulties of pandemic recovery

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With Covid 19 a constant danger in our society and the rollout of the vaccine taking place at an unprecedented rate, yet with the majority of inoculations remaining to be given, the burdens on public services and workers have never been greater.

As the NHS rebuilds post-Covid, the budgets for the service will be stretched to the limit with their necessity being to prioritise surgeries and procedures for record-breaking waiting lists of patients.


The process of bringing the NHS back to its former standing will be powered by the same people who have placed themselves in the line of danger to protect us from Covid 19, and who are working day and night to implement the vaccination programme.


As all attention is concentrated on restoring the fundamental functions of the NHS, this will place leisure time and recreation spaces under threat at a time when they have never been more important for both staff and patients to have access to them.

Frontline and key workers are offered free admission to every ticketed gig presented by GO LIVE, they receive a 50% discount on our dinner and show events, and THE HEART ROCK CAFE provides a relaxing atmosphere for them to socialise and eat, with only a discretionary donation to be made to us.

We will further be organising fundraising activities and support target drives safeguarding or enhancing existing services and facilities for recreation and leisure for the people of the NHS and those who use this to keep benefiting from them, today and tomorrow.

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