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The most frail and infirm 

Covid-19 has placed hard-pressed homes and hospices' budgets under unprecedented strains, demanding prioritising reorganisation and procedures as they rebuild after Covid. Simultaneously, three lockdowns have put a severe limit on fundraising. We will reduce their costs by supporting them in meeting their service users needs for free.

We will be assisting in a spectrum of conditions and disorders causing functional disability that restricts outside mobility and the basic activities of daily living.


These with symptoms to the extent, they require care in the community or admission into residential or nursing homes or a hospice. 


This list includes but is not limited to:






Chronic Bronchitis

Coronary Heart Disease

Dementia and Alzheimers



Motor Neurone Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Paget's Disease

Parkinson's Disease


Chronic Kidney Disease

Deep Vein Thrombosis


High Cholesterol

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In addition to the above, we are deeply committed to meet the needs of the following groups:

Children and adults with autistic spectrum conditions; Adults with learning disabilities; Adults with neuro and spinal disabilities;  Children with serious and life-limiting conditions: All people receiving hospital treatment, palliative and end of life care.


In the process of working with our partner's establishments without any charge, we will preserve leisure and recreation facilities and services at a time when this has never been more important.

This, in turn, will liberate funds from being challenged when it comes to deciding where they are most vital to their client's care plans.