when the going gets tough 

The tough Go Live

With strength in numbers, we can step out of the wings, onto the stage and shine the spotlight on events for the NHS, homes and hospices, raising funds and bringing those out of darkness who need it most, when they need it the most. So we can not only be tough on fatigue and loneliness; we can be tough on the causes of fatigue and loneliness.

Image by Danny Lines

We seek your support by donating, promoting, equipping, dining or gigging with us so we can be there to help and support our selfless frontline health heroes, the shielded and isolated Covid victims.

Your assistance in any of these areas will allow us to be prepared to help more people from the onset of normality and continue to expand our scope to help more cope with Covid's vast human costs.

Our mission is of true importance. Our NHS, homes and hospices are under attack from the invasion of Coronavirus. This has halted fundraising and will dominate care resources and agendas for years to come.

This means that leisure and recreation budgets have never been under a more significant threat. These budgets have never mattered more to more NHS workers and unwell people than they do right now.


 Workers who are in desperate need of outlets giving them a release outside of the mental and physical ordeal of keeping going during a pandemic--- we are there for them.

Unwell who are emotionally scarred by being lonely and requiring all support available to ensure them the best possible health outcomes--- we are there for them.

Be it only going to a gig or getting involved with a group, please do whatever you can to make us stronger and assist us with bringing as many people as we can out of the shadows of solitude and seclusion and into the light of happiness.


Any action you take, which increases our resources, reach and responsiveness, contributes to the unstoppable force of human will against a coronavirus, further gaining an advantage over the immovable object that Covid-19 has been.

Image by Strvnge Films