we deliver an exciting schedule of entertainment events, leisure activities, and experiences for the improvement of our heroic frontline and keyworkers quality of life


Food Festival

Across this nation, our largely underpaid and overworked frontline health heroes and key workers, who typically have poor working conditions, have had the pressure of their jobs massively increased by the demands of working during the Covid 19 virus.


This stark reality is made worse by their having to cope with the stresses and anxieties of being exposed to a pandemic, with serious occupational hazards for both themselves and their loved ones, leaving them physically and mentally exhausted.

GO LIVE is determined to do everything in its power to make these people feel connected to society, cared for, and valued as highly as they should be, helping them to feel better in themselves and continue to effectively serve their local community's needs.

We are working day and night to bring smiles to their faces. From bandeoke to themed party nights for adults to family fun such as crazy golf and bouncy castles, we provide high-quality free pop-up recreation accessible to all frontline and key workers.


Our aim is for them to enjoy richly deserved time with family and friends, helping them to recover from the previously unheard of strains of protecting and serving us during a time of national crisis, returning them to work refreshed and recharged.

Our ever-growing event schedule for 2021 is planned to be headlined by a huge NHS festival staged in Llangollen, Denbighshire, North Wales, where our frontline and key workers will be invited as the stars of the show to tell them they are the best of all.


Of All Festival

This weekend of open-air live music and cinema will celebrate our heroes and give a platform to NHS charities to promote the many important issues impacting the NHS as it struggles to overcome the challenges of repairing the damage done by Covid 19.

Please follow us on social media for news and dates of our schedule of events or make a donation so that we can bring happiness to ever more heroes of coronavirus.

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Color Festival

"The welfare and well-being of the workforce, as well as the wider population, in the face of this pandemic is critical at this testing time."

Vaughan Gething

Welsh Minister For Health And Social Services



"They are first in line to go above and beyond to deal with this pandemic. Every day they tell us they have nothing left to give and they feel devalued."

Nicky Hughes

Royal College Of Nursing Associate Director

Friends sings

Make Them Smile

Children Playing in Bouncy Castle