keeping rhythm as the vaccinations change our 

social culture

as vaccinations break social barriers, the mission of go live is to bring song, dance, laugher, and love into the lives of those deprived of this and most in need of their therapy


Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Our work is to proactively respond with Covid security to help frontline and key workers, home and hospice residents, and safeguard NHS leisure and recreation to counter many negative consequences of the pandemic and contribute to our society moving beyond this.

"Proactively responding with Covid security" for us means that we immediately and increasingly react to opportunities to engage with the groups that we work with safely, responsibly, and strictly within the framework of the rules as these are reviewed and relaxed.


Every donation which we receive allows us to expand our scope in providing free activities and events to health and key workers, making more heroes feel connected to society, cared for, and valued as highly by all of us as they should be for their hard work and sacrifices.

Moreover, your donations help us harness the power of music therapy and live performance, to bring families together again who have been cruelly separated by Covid 19 and make everyone feel that much better as life begins to return to normal after the pandemic.

Last but not least, with our NHS under attack from the invasion of Coronavirus and this dominating its agenda and resources, your donations allow us to safeguard the leisure and recreation services and facilities that staff, patients, and their families rely upon every day.

Please explore these links to learn what motivates us and how we make a positive difference and we hope you will make a donation to our cause today.

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